Varieties of Political Regimes (Va-PoReg)

is your unique and comprehensive resource for understanding the diverse landscape of global political regimes. Our dataset offers unparalleled features:

  • Historical and Current: Spanning 1900 to the present, with annual July updates, Va-PoReg covers the entire world, including microstates and semi-sovereign countries.

  • Beyond Democracies: Va-PoReg meticulously classifies political regimes into various types, including military, personalist, and one-party autocracies; communist and Islamist ideocracies as well as right-wing autocracies; absolute and constitutional monarchies; non-electoral transitional regimes; electoral oligarchies; electoral autocracies; semidemocracies and democracies.

  • First-of-its-Kind Colonial Focus: Va-PoReg systematically includes colonial and occupation regimes, a unique aspect among political regime datasets.

Embark on a data-driven exploration of the world's political regime’s with us!

© Photo by Mirko Fabian / “A Globe Showing Australia” / via Pexels